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Konspectus announces integration with the iQity e-Learning Platform

Cincinnati, OH – September 9, 2014 – Konspectus LLC a leading provider of web-based, interactive writing software announces today, its partnership with IQ Innovations LLC, provider of the iQity e-Learning Platform. Ohio schools and districts now have access to license Konspectus through the iQity e-Learning Marketplace for students and teachers during the 2014 academic year.

IQ Innovations’ iQity e-Learning Platform is the most complete solution available for the electronic search and delivery of curriculum, courses, and other learning tools for Ohio’s education community. Only standards aligned offerings are available on the iQity platform. Konspectus and IQ Innovations are working collaboratively to provide Ohio students and instructors with the Konspectus software, a web-based, interactive learning tool that navigates users through the writing experience using a focused, 3-step approach; from creating an outline to a final paper.

Greg Dye, Vice President, Operations of IQ Innovations said “Konspectus is a unique interactive learning tool for students and instructors. The Konspectus Academics module allows instructors to engage with their students in a single portal to create assignments, provide writing tips, upload outlines and grading rubrics. Konspectus facilitates communication between instructors and students and provides an interface for instructors to comment, review and grade assignments. The writing process takes on a collaborative approach that is anchored in writing standards.”

“Working with a partner that brings value and a competitive edge to Ohio students is important for our organization, and the iQity e-Learning Platform is no exception” said Oleg Zamansky, Chief Executive Officer of Konspectus, LLC. “We believe that the iQity e-Learning Marketplace will expand our reach throughout the state and region, as well as and provide exposure to education officials across the country.”

About Konspectus, LLC

Konspectus is a leading provider of web-based interactive writing software that addresses the challenges students face with writing assignments using a focused 3-step approach; from creating outlines to a final paper. Konspectus software is Common Core-aligned and allows users to manage and conduct research within the application, format papers in standard paper styles according to the latest MLA/APA/Chicago standards. Using Konspectus helps students build skill sets to write with confidence, which can be applied to any writing assignment. Konspectus includes sample outlines which correspond to a variety of paper types such as analysis/research, argumentative/persuasive, compare/contrast, and others. The Konspectus Academics module allows instructors to create assignments, provide writing tips, upload outlines and grading rubrics, review and grade the assignments. Konspectus technology makes the writing experience less stressful and results in higher quality papers.

For more information and to learn how Konspectus facilitates writing in 3 easy steps please visit www.konspectus.com.

About IQ Innovations and the iQity e-Learning Platform

IQ Innovations is a pioneer in the world of online educating. With over a decade of experience, IQ Innovations has seen online education move from strictly a distance-learning option for students with unique situations, to a more complete solution that enables teachers, schools, states, and regional or national organizations to improve the educational experience within the traditional classroom environment.

The iQity e-Learning Platform is a complete educational system that accentuates or enables any learning environment – from simple instructional management within a bricks-and-mortar classroom, to an entirely distance-learning situation; or more commonly, in a blended or hybrid environment that takes advantage of the benefits offered by both the traditional classroom and online learning.

The iQity e-Learning Platform is comprised of multiple integrated components to offer the most complete solution available for the electronic search and delivery of curriculum, courses, and other learning objects. Educators can use the iQity eLearning Platform to provide distance learning for their students, supplement an in-school lesson with digital learning experiences, or blend both together for a hybrid learning environment.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, IQ Innovations works with states, districts, and schools from across the country.

For more information and to see how iQity can help you, please visit: www.iq-ity.com.