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Rinalogy Debuts Predictive Coding Technology and Enterprise Adaptive Search at LegalTech New York 2015

New York, NY – February 10, 2015 – RINA Systems showcased two of its most advanced search technologies at the 2015 annual LegalTech conference: Rinalogy Predictive Coding and Rinalogy Adaptive Search.

Rinalogy Predictive Coding provides the standard legal automatic review workflow with unique capabilities which let users train a software model by reviewing and tagging a small portion of the data set and then use the trained model to automatically generate predictive results for the remaining documents. Rinalogy Predictive Coding offers real-time precision and recall reporting which shows accuracy of the trained model on the control set during the training process. This allows users to decide if the training process should continue or not in real-time.

Rinalogy Adaptive Search is the next generation concept search engine with powerful artificial intelligence capabilities for Big Data. Its unique dynamic and adaptive process utilizes an iterative approach to fine-tune the search model based on review feedback. You will get quicker, more relevant and more reliable results with less effort.

RINA Systems would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth during the show to learn more about our advanced technologies.

About Rinalogy

Rinalogy is a technology start-up that develops, markets and sells new search technologies called Rinalogy Search, Rinalogy Predictive Coding and Rinalogy Adaptive Search. Rinalogy's patent-pending technologies are designed to quickly provide accurate results when searching Big Data.

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About LegalTech

LegalTech is the one of the largest legal technology events of the year. LegalTech hosts events in New York and Los Angeles for law firms and legal departments to get hands-on practical information for improving their law practice and management. LegalTech provides an in-depth look at the latest technological developments for the legal industry.