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For almost two decades RINA Systems has been developing innovative software technologies from portfolio analytics for traders to inventory ordering and process management applications for pharmacies.

Trading Performance Analytics

RINA Systems is well known for creating award winning software such as Portfolio Evaluator, Performance Suite, PortfolioSteam, which have been accepted as the industry standard for their powerful and user-friendly strategy performance analysis and testing. RINA Systems has also developed Portfolio Maestro - a new generation technology for portfolio analysis, signal generation and automated execution that is data and broker independent.

In early 2008, RINA Systems launched RINA Technologies to further the development of software tools for portfolio analysis and to bring Portfolio Maestro to market. In August, 2010, TradeStation Technologies acquired RINA Technologies' product line and now RINA Systems has partnered with TradeStation to provide support for Portfolio Maestro, while TradeStation is integrating this technology into its platform.

Supply Chain Solutions

RINA Systems has developed software applications to help organizations establish protocols to better manage purchase and travel card programs, analyze program effectiveness, conduct 100% transaction audit using rules and parameters tailored to each organization's needs, generate meaningful reports and automate the routing of the reports and necessary communicates to the appropriate people.

PCard Auditor and PCard Analyzer are managed spend solutions that offer a systematic way to automate the procurement function that uses credit cards, improve controls, operate within customized business and accounting standards and reduce costs for purchase and travel card users. These products provide organizations of any size, layers of audit, risk control and assistance with supply chain management.

RINA Systems developed a custom purchase card solution for a Fortune 10 company. During this relationship, we provided the second and third tier of support to hundreds of corporations and their cardholders. We also worked very closely with the customer to assist with training and upgrade of the technology as the user needs changed.

Currently, RINA Systems is providing its PCard products to a world wide user base through its relationships with a global financial institution and government procurement department.

Technology Ventures

RINA Systems has participated in starting new enterprises through the design and creation of technology platforms for hedge fund accounting, performance reporting, risk and reconciliation - HedgeFacts, and a pharmacy ordering and inventory management application for long term care facilities - Pharmacy Technology System.

These endeavors have evolved into growing businesses known as HedgeFacts and CareSoft Systems. RINA Systems is currently evaluating other innovative ideas to launch as future ventures.