Document Maestro

Quickly Create New Documents

Document Maestro provides users with the ability to quickly and easily create 60-80% of a completely new document based on previously written documents. The software indexes corporate documents, searches for specific terms and saves relevant sections of documents in tagged groups.

Document Maestro is ideal for searching large volumes of documents to find key concepts. Users can highlight and save portions of documents considered to be relevant or well written, and these concepts can be searched later for inclusion in new documents. Saving favorites allows frequent users to access their “best of” clauses to quickly construct well-written documents. 

Searching Documents

Document Maestro prioritizes documents to find the most relevant results first and quickly presents documents for review. To search documents, users enter a detailed query by providing search terms, and submit the query to the search engine to process the results.

Document Maestro will present the documents containing the search terms in order of relevance. The software can support multiple data sources. Users review the document sources, highlight the portions of documents they want to save, and tag the saved sections to categorize the selection. 

Document Maestro allows expertise to be shared throughout an organization. There are two types of users of Document Maestro – those who use and review documents and administrative users.

Reviewing Documents and Choosing Sections

Users have the ability to review the documents returned by Document Maestro for sections of content that could be useful to build new documents. For example, if a user is drafting a new lease agreement and looking for a termination clause, the user would enter the appropriate search term and Document Maestro will deliver documents that include this term. From the search results, users can review the document and highlight the relevant section or clause for possible use in a new lease agreement. It’s as easy as selecting text, entering a tag to classify the selection, and saving it. Saved selections are automatically exported to the clipboard to paste into a new document.

Document Maestro provides filters to locate user selections by author, file name, tag and/or content. The software shows sections in the order of frequency of use.

Building New Documents

Using Document Maestro is a quick and easy process. Users can find their saved selections relevant to a particular project and paste these selections into a new document. Creating new documents has never been easier.