PCard Audit Tool

Enterprise Pcard Audit Tool (PAT) Solution

PAT is an enterprise solution that implements purchase card policy, procedures and responsibilities for large organizations. Rules applied in PAT address oversight of the improper, fraudulent, abusive, negligent or unauthorized use of government or corporate purchase cards. 


The PAT software ensures that cardholder behavior is consistent with established guidelines for purchase card policies and use, helps minimize paperwork, streamlines payment processes and simplifies the administrative effort associated with acquisition procedures. It also alerts program managers when cardholder training or remediation may be required. PAT is an intelligent end-to-end purchase card program audit solution offering a full range of customizable capabilities.

Automated Rules Engine

The PAT system includes an automated audit engine that runs on a regular basis, and a user interface to manage purchase card program workflow. Audit filters implement an organization’s business rules based on policy. Filters can be compiled into sets, and can be managed by department or organizational branch and are best applied at the approving official level. These filters can be customized and adjusted periodically to maintain compliance with program policy. Filters focus on program management activities and charge card actions.


The PAT platform can also provide essential and required reports, particularly those required in GSA master contracts or commercial purchase card programs. Reports can be customized and can be available at each level of hierarchy. Reports are generated at a specific point in time on a regular basis (recurring reports), or when a user specifically asks for a report (user-requested reports). All report information coincides with invoice and transaction data.